Spring has officially sprung and it’s a great time of year for most. I always love the spring because of all of the blooming flowers and trees. Plus, the weather is always the best this time of year.

While there are so many things to enjoy this spring in New Jersey, some really dangerous plants will begin popping up all over the state.

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Did you know that there are some extremely poisonous flowers and plants that call New Jersey home during the warmer months?

What Is The Most Poisonous Flower in New Jersey?

Poison Hemlock Proliferates On Kent Roadsides
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Ohio State University reports that Poison Hemlock is considered to be one of the most deadly plants in all of North America and it can be found in every county in New Jersey. It mainly starts to bloom in late April or early May in the New Jersey area according to Penn State University. 

You may have even seen Poison Hemlock during the spring and summer in New Jersey and thought nothing of it because, to the average person, it looks like any other weed.

Where Does Poison Hemlock Grow in New Jersey?

Poison Hemlock Proliferates On Kent Roadsides
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Mel Safety Institute reports that Poison Hemlock thrives near bodies of water and wet areas. The plant is extremely dangerous to pets and can cause death to dogs, cats, and livestock in just a few hours.

The plant is mainly toxic when ingested, but humans are warmed that if the sap gets on your skin and you rub your eyes or handle food with your infected hands, it could be extremely poisonous.

If you see this plant blooming in the next few months, make sure to steer clear!

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