On Sunday March 10th, we all leapt forward in time, losing an hour of sleep, screwing up our circadian rhythm, increasing our risk of car accidents and heart attacks...all for some extra light in summer.

I'm still adamant that NJ should adopt DST all year long (like my sister in Arizona), but until that happens, we're stuck going through this twice a year.

This Sunday at 2am, we fall back one hour, giving us extra sleep, but still screwing up our internal clocks. For the most part, the change has become automated - our phones, our cable boxes, and our computers will all change automatically. The clock on your microwave or oven or maybe even your car will display the wrong time until you finally get annoyed enough to change it.

And yet again, I take this opportunity to remind you that it's Daylight SAVING Time, not SavingS.

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