Every year we all complain about losing an hour of sleep in March. Every year we complain about it getting dark at 4:30pm in November. Every year the arguments get louder and louder that this nonsense needs to stop.


My sister lives in Arizona, where they don't observe Daylight Saving Time, and haven't since 1967. It can be a bit confusing because part of the year she is 3 hours behind, and other parts she's only 2. It was also really confusing when I went to visit her, because we flew to Las Vegas. Even though the lives pretty much due south of Vegas, we lost an hour during the trip (or gained one, I don't remember). So we flew for about 6 hours, but only three hours passed, but then driving for two hours, we gained another hour back? Or something like that, I honestly don't remember, but I do remember that for the entire week I was there my body never really adjusted.

It's stupid that some states participate and some don't. The entire practice is arbitrary anyway, with the start-and-end dates changing from year-to-year. When I was a kid, the clocks would fall back before Halloween, and all us kids would complain that it was pitch black when we wanted to go trick-or-treating. I'd like to think that our childish whining is what finally convinced the government to move the date into November.

There are talks that Florida is considering the same policy as Arizona, so why not New Jersey? Why not the entire country?

Is there anyone that can explain to me why the current system of bi-yearly clock changes is good?

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