This one hurt, lot's of people really enjoyed Social 37 Restaurant in Toms River and when it closed lots of folks were disappointed. It was a fun place to go for a drink or a bite to eat and right here in Toms River on Route 37.


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Social 37 announced it was closing shop last summer during the Coronavirus Pandemic after a short run in the Shop-Rite Shopping Center on Route 37 in Toms River.

Social 37 was billed as a "new American restaurant" and their motto "eat, drink and be social" and I know a lot of folks who enjoyed there after work and on the weekends. It of course was just another victim of the Coronavirus Pandemic, which hurt many businesses not only here at the Jersey Shore, but around New Jersey as well.

Another business that also closed in the Dover Plaza was Smash Burger. Smash Burger announced its closure shortly after Social 37 announced its demise. So two very popular restaurants were lost in just one plaza here in Toms River. The two were located right next to each other, so now a good portion of this section of the Dover Plaza is dark.

This leads us to today's discussion, what should we do with these two locations here in Toms River? Is there a plan I am not familiar with? or is it still up in the air as to what might move in? Obviously, the Coronavirus Pandemic has hit local eateries hard and maybe there won't be any new tenants until after the state totally re-opens.

Lets come up with some ideas, maybe someone out there might like your responses and who knows maybe your ideas become a reality.....what should go into this section of the Dover Plaza? do you think it should be restaurants or do you want to see other types of businesses? Post your comments below and let's see what we come up with, too bad Social 37 & Smash Burger wouldn't just re-open, people loved them :(


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