I honestly don't know if I would be able to stay as calm as this woman did having a black bear walking in her direction, just a few yards away.

Julia Tupy of Eatontown was sitting on a lookout along "Stairway to Heaven" probably for a pretty photo moment up in Sussex County when the bear came out of the woods.

As you will see in the video, her friend, Joe Kun says to Julia, "I think we should move", and when Julia started to get up, Joe adds "Just slow, slow".

The bear did not show any aggression towards the hikers... it looked like it was just coming closer for curiosity.

Tupy definitely did the proper thing by staying calm, not to startle the black bear to make it possibly charge at them.

According to the Daily Voice:

Before they started the hike, Tupy, Kun and their two other friends joked that they should have a plan in place in case they encountered a bear. They didn't think they would -- the chances were so slim, they said. They added..."It's their home -- not ours."

Check out the video, and click HERE to read the full story.

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