Even though this is Long Island and not New Jersey, it's still a little too close for comfort.

The Atlantic Ocean continues to provide great videos for us this summer

Last week while a couple of lifeguards on Long Island were on duty, they noticed a seventeen-foot whale slowly coming toward shore. The lifeguards noticed that the whale was not swimming, so they decided to jump on their wave runners and go out into the Atlantic Ocean to get a closer look.

They headed out about 300 yards offshore on the wave runner and as they got close to the dead whale they noticed a great white shark was feeding off the dead whale.

At one point the shark swam towards one of the lifeguards on his wave runner and gave him a little tap with its dorsal fin.

Check out the video. At the :30 second mark, you can actually see the shark trying to take a bite out of the side of the dead whale.  It's actually pretty cool

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Andy Chase
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