Yesterday was a gorgeous day on the Jersey Shore. It was also a great day for a parade of boats on the Barnegat Bay

Approximately 500-1000 took to the waters to show their support for President Donald Trump and to also show their support for police and law enforcement.

Technically, there were two parades happening at the same time. Hundreds of boats went south to Long Beach Island from the start at the Tunney/Mathis Bridge, while the other fleet headed north towards Point Pleasant Beach.

The parade was organized by Stafford Township resident, Chris Molla who had the idea when riots started happening all across the country, and he didn't like what was happening to police officers.

Molla states:

I wanted to get a bunch of people involved to let law enforcement officers know we stand for them and we support the ones who are doing their jobs the right way. That was the first and foremost goal, to get behind the officers being attacked and injured because of a few bad apples. The other part of it was to show support for the president, because he supports police and law enforcement.”

Molla also added, “The Derek Chauvins of the world are the minority. We do not support you! We do, however, respect those who uphold the ‘certain unalienable rights’ of the proud citizens of the greatest country!”

Click HERE to read the full story from the Sandpaper

I was at the Tunney/Mathis Bridge at the start of the parade, and the number of boats showing up with Trump and American flags was impressive.

Check out these videos of yesterdays parade:




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