Any other new parents out there?  Baby Varacchi just turned two months old, so life for my wife and I is completely different. Here with some tips for the parents of babies to make this a lovely holiday.


- Skip the small romantic restaurant, instead find a place loud enough to drown out the inevitable screaming baby.

- Don't forget the diaper bag full of diapers, wipes & a change of clothes to be ready for the poop explosion that will likely occur.

- Time your dinner in between feedings. You're on the baby's schedule now, and when Baby Varacchi decides she's hungry, she goes from 0-60 in about half a second.

baby varacchi
Baby Varacchi 2 months old


This is a more-likely scenario for new parents. With V-Day falling on a Tuesday this year, it will be infinitely easier to just stay home.

- Get a bottle of wine, light some candles, and wear your sexiest pajama pants. Your wife can't drink much wine if she's still breast-feeding, the candles need to be far away from all the baby clothes & toys & swings & bouncy seats & all the other highly flammable baby gear that is all over the house. You can't go wrong with pajama pants, though.

- Turn your phone off so Grandma can't bug you for the latest pic of the baby (sorry Mom and Mom-In-Law).

- Try to listen to some non-kid music. Usually the soft songs on the swing or the crib or whatever are good for the baby, but they also have a tendency to put me to sleep. Luckily, Baby Varacchi has already shown an affinity for The Beatles, Eric Clapton, White Zombie, Weezer, and more, so we can get away with playing some grown-up tunes.


Any other good suggestions? Let me know and I can add to the list!

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