I've been pretty lax with my baby updates lately. The latest big undertaking was getting ready for my wife's baby shower, and I couldn't believe how tiring it actually was simply filling out our baby registry.

The store we signed up at (no free rides!) was actually really accommodating, the employee took great care to explain all the ins and outs to us. They supplied us with a checklist that was eye-bulgingly extensive, plenty of things I had never even considered needing. In my head I'm thinking "okay, we need a crib, a dresser, a changing table, a high chair, a car seat, a stroller"...I'm mostly focusing on the big stuff. Obviously I know that we'll need clothes and diapers and bottles and pacifiers and a baby monitor and stuff, but I was amazed at just how many other things were on the list.

My wife and I also went through some awkwardness for our wedding registry, simply because neither of us really like to ask for presents. I know it's odd, but it's just a strange feeling to make a full list of things and tell people "buy this for us!" But hey, if that's the tradition, bring it on! Baby Varacchi is already getting spoiled.

Just for fun, here are a couple of the latest sonogram pictures too!

This is kind of a big deal on it's own, because she finally faced the way the doctors wanted her to. Before she had always turned her back to the doc, making it harder for them to get whatever measurements it was they needed. The appointment before this, my wife had to lay on the table for an hour getting poked and prodded til Baby finally moved around, but this most recent trip, it was easy peasy.

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