The last time I went to a local brewery I developed a stomach thing.  Without naming the establishment, I think it was either dirty draft beer lines or they didn’t properly wash my pint glass.  It was not fun.  Bacteria wreaks havoc on the human body.  Yuck!

So, when your local government sends out a warning you better listen.

Berkeley Township Municipal Building
Berkeley Township Municipal Building. (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media NJ)

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What You Should Know?

The Berkeley MUA has issued an urgent warning to local residents and local business owners to boil water before use.  A positive test for E. Coli bacteria was found in a water sample on July 14.

Manfred Rohde/Getty Images

How Does E Coli Affect My health?

The Mayo Clinic says “most forms of E. Coli are harmless or cause relatively brief diarrhea.  Other strains can cause your body to react much worse.  Symptoms could last as long as a week.  If you have a weakened immune system, you could be more discomfort.  If your symptoms become serious call your doctor.


How Does E. Coli Enter Into Our tap Water?

The Berkeley MUA claims the bacteria could have been caused by all the heavy rain run-offs into our drinking water supply.  Water distribution center issues could also add to the cause.  The World Health Organization has calmed fears that the Covid19 virus has not contaminated drinking water supplies.

Photo by Yosef Ariel on Unsplash
Photo by Yosef Ariel on Unsplash

What Should I Do With my tap Water?

Boiling water kills all types of bacteria including E. Coli.  Make sure the water is at a rapid boil for at least 1 minute.  Then allow it to cool before storing.  Drinking, hand washing dishes, preparing your food, making ice cubes should all use boiled water after it has cooled.  Make sure you don’t forget your furry friends.  Give your pets a fresh batch of water that has been cooled after boiling.


When Will We Know When It’s Safe?

Berkeley MUA is continuing to test the water supply.  They are also tracking the water facilities to see if they are part of the cause.  The public will be promptly notified when the water supply is free of bacteria.  Berkeley MUA says that might take 30 days.

HERE'S THE UPDATE...(as of 7/21/21 6p)

Berkeley Township MUA is distributing water at H&M Potter from 1 pm - 8 pm on 7/21/21.  Water distribution will continue at H&M Potter from 1 pm - 8 pm until 7/23/21. If the advisory continues, past 7/23/21, so will distribution.  Keep yourself updated by visiting the Berkeley Township MUA website.

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