It was definitely a very weird Memorial Day weekend up and down the Jersey Shore.

The weather wasn't that great down the shore this weekend, but even if it's not ideal for laying out on the beach, you always had the bars, restaurants, rides, and the arcade to escape too.

One thing I definitely noticed when I was broadcasting from the Seaside Park studio was that it was just so quiet. There were plenty of people walking around or jogging, but what was missing the background sounds that you are so used to. Missing was the noise from the games, the faint sounds of Casino Pier, kids playing games, and music from the bars.

The other big thing missing from this weekend was that Jenkinson's Boardwalk remained closed for the entire weekend.

A big rally happened yesterday with more than a thousand protestors showing up demanding for Point Pleasant Beach to reopen!

Whether it be a coincidence or the ReOpen NJ rally worked, an update is coming tomorrow on their Facebook page

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Andy Chase
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