Seaside Heights Beaches OPEN Once Again For Swimming
Water quality tests in Seaside Heights have come that the water is safe for swimming, so the beaches have been reopened in Seaside Heights today.
It was the first time in twenty years that the beach had to be closed due to the torrential rain that we had earlier this week that had officials worried t…
Painful "Clinging" Jellyfish Has Returned to the Jersey Shore
A Jellyfish normally found in the Pacific Ocean that was discovered a few years ago on the Jersey Shore has returned once again.
About 40 clinging jellyfish – each between 1 to 2 centimeters in diameter, and some about the size of a dime was spotted in an area off Monmouth Beach known as the Ho…
Ortley Beach Season Badges are on Sale Now
It's going to get warm eventually. I promise! I just know it will, so you might as well take advantage of some savings now, even if it feels like it's never going to get warm.
Ortley Beach Seasonal Beach Badges are on sale NOW and the pre-season price is just $35...

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