Being from Jersey can be a tough tag to own.  We've been subjected to all kinds of jokes and insults about our state, usually by people who have never even bothered to visit.

When we talk to outsiders, we're quick to point out that we have lots to offer.

Right at the top of the list is the Jersey shore.  Ok, so THAT conversation usually begins with an explanation that Snooki and The Situation don't represent the REAL Jersey Shore.  But aside from that, the Jersey shore has something for everyone.

This is our list of some of the best of the best.

Margate: While it's not as small as Loch Harbor, Margate is a quaint mile and a half long.  This is a great beach to visit when you want the tranquility of the shore, without the hecticness of some of the surrounding beaches.

Stone Harbor Beach:  Stone Harbor Beach is similar to Margate, only larger.  Lots of things to do away from the beach as well.  Beautiful beach with a more laid-back vibe, while still offering a lot to keep you busy...if you want to be busy!

LBI:  Talk to longtime residents of LBI, and you'll most likely hear them tell you that everything's changed since Sandy.  Once a peaceful slice of heaven, people now often refer to LBI as the "Hamptons South."  It's still a great place to view sunrise and sunset.

Steve McKay
Steve McKay

Asbury Park Beach:  Great beach for families with plenty to keep families with young kids occupied.  Not the tranquil destination as some, still a good choice.

Seaside Heights: Similar to Asbury Park Beach, it's a great place for families who are looking for activities aside from the beach.


Island Beach State Park:  This actually consists of two beaches, and both are beautiful and secluded.  Great beach to visit to getaway for a bit.

Brigantine:  Shhh...this is a favorite for locals who live in the Atlantic City area.   

Wildwood:  If you get easily bored soaking in the rays, this is the beach for you.  There's always something going on here.  Fun place to spend the day.

The Traveler Island Boy Via YouTube
The Traveler Island Boy Via YouTube

Avalon:  Great beach for yachty-watching.  Quiet and pretty.

Cape May:  Cape May certainly has a beautiful beach, but beyond that, there's a lot to do away from the actual beach.  So much to see and do or do nothing at all.  It lives up to its reputation.

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