When I think foodies, I think Atlantic City or Philadelphia, but one publication listed two unlikely New Jersey cities in the top 10 in the country for the most foodies!

Ocean City ranks #5 and Trenton ranks #8!

Keep in mind this is a ranking of how many foodies reside in these towns...

According to NJ.com,

"Ocean City residents show a high preference for cooking from scratch as well as being wine lovers, even if they have to go to another town to buy the wine,'' according to Infogroup.


Trenton, the report notes, "is the home of the New Jersey staple pork roll (or Taylor Ham, depending on whether you're from south or north Jersey), and a reminder that being a 'foodie' doesn't necessarily mean expensive, but rather local, novel and niche.''

The Infogroup article emphasizes the "foodies" tend to eat at local spots and cook for fun instead of eating at fast food or chain restaurants.

Congrats Ocean City and Trenton!