The key to a great summer here at the Jersey Shore is the Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck.

Kids and parents and kids, yes I wrote kids twice. That's one sound that every kid knows, the sound of the Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck.

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I found the perfect age to talk about the ice cream truck. I was at a Toms River park the other day and I thought I'd ask a couple of kids about the ice cream truck.

Luke, aged 5 from Forked River loves the SpongeBob Popsicle with the blue eyeballs.

Sara, aged 10 from Toms River loves the rainbow snow cones.

Laura, aged 10 from Toms River loves an ice cream cone dipped in the "red stuff". I think she meant the hard cherry shell, "yum". Her brother, Harry likes the "chocolate" hard stuff, LOL. I love talking to kids.

6 Coolest and Yummiest Things on a Mister Softee Truck According to Ocean County Kids

Listening for the music of the ice cream truck is one of greatest sounds for the whole family. But, no matter what, the kids can hear it from a mile down the road. "Mom, Dad" can I have some ice cream?" And us as parents frantically looking for cash or change, whatever we have. It's a summer tradition here at the Jersey Shore.

If I was to choose my favorite from the ice cream truck, it would have to be the bomb pop. I love them. On a hot summer day, a bomb pop cools me down.

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