Out of all the issues we have in this state, Mister Softee is apparently top of mind. At least, it is to one particular South Jersey resident.

When I first saw this story on Fox 29, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Somebody actually had a problem with hearing ice cream truck music in their neighborhood.

So much so in fact, that they complained and succeeded in stopping this ice cream truck from making an appearance. Yes, because of the music.

This particular incident occurred in the Blackwood section of South Jersey's Gloucester Township. A resident in that area of the town complained about the music and effectively put an end to Mr. Softee.


The good news is, since this story broke an agreement has been made for the ice cream truck to return for all the kids who depend on a cold treat during the summer heat. But that doesn't hide the fact that somebody had the audacity to complain in the first place.

And apparently, this isn't the first time Mr. Softee has had to deal with complaints over music. According to Fox 29, "complaints about the music are a continuous issue they deal with from time to time."

Really? It's an ice cream truck. Kids get excited when they hear the music. Heck, adults get excited when they hear that music.

I remember growing up in my old hometown of Brick, NJ. Every summer without fail the famous ice cream truck would come driving down the street.


The moment we heard that music we ran inside to grab our money and waited anxiously by the side of the street. What kind of ice cream would we get today? Hopefully, our favorite wasn't out of stock.

I particularly remember getting the ice cream bar with the gumball eyes on it. I don't remember what it was specifically called, or if they still serve that particular one. But I do know I always looked forward to it.

And just listening to that music when the truck is coming down the street still brings me joy even as an adult. In fact, I wish the truck would visit my section of the neighborhood more often than it does now.

"High School Musical: Get in the Picture" Promotional Ice Cream Truck
Ice cream truck. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

And as a parent, I get that same excitement in me when I see my kids perk up when they hear that iconic ice cream music playing in the distance. It's just a happy feeling all around.

And for Mr. Softee in particular, there's no brand that's as iconic as them. So for the South Jersey resident in Gloucester Township that complained about the music in the first place, here's a little message for you.

If you're a parent of a young child, then I do get that it can be hard. Yes, I understand if you have a baby and perhaps you're trying to get them to take a nap.

But you know what? Any of us who are parents now also went through this and we didn't call and complain because of the sound of ice cream music playing.

Ice Cream Truck
Andrew Burton, Getty Images

And if you don't have kids? Then the only thing I can conclude is that you're just a miserable person for complaining in the first place.

Perhaps you were just having a bad day. It happens to all of us. But don't bring down the joy of others because you're in a bad mood.

And if you're new to the neighborhood and something like ice cream music bothers you, then why did you move to an area with kids in the first place? It's like the person who moves next to a sports complex and complains the games and crowds make too much noise.

Or the person who moves next to a school and complains about the after-school programs. There's just no logic to it.

ariwasabi / TSM Illustraion
ariwasabi / TSM Illustraion

So if that's you, then do us all a favor and find a new place to live. I'm sure there are many other locations where you won't have to worry about hearing that dreaded ice cream theme.

But seriously, why make everyone else miserable because you're miserable? Fortunately for all your neighbors, Mr. Softee is coming back. A win for the community for sure.

So you better get ready and invest in some earplugs, because you're going to need them. And I hope that the ice cream truck plays its music loud and proud when it passes by your house.

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Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to a happier note and think about those childhood memories. Did you look forward to the ice cream truck coming down your street?

Feel free to share your memories in the comments. And if you had a favorite in particular that was your go-to, feel free to share that as well. Everyone had favorites, whether a classic soft-serve or an iconic ice cream bar.

Let's show this person who complained just how much joy vehicles like Mr. Softee bring to a community.

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