Sometimes the words just don't matter. Here are my five favorite instrumentals.

5 - ELO "Fire On High"

Okay, technically there are a few words here. There are back-masked vocals during the weird creepy intro; there are also a few words sung by the chorus. Still, there's are no real "lyrics", so this falls into the instrumental category.


4 - Allman Brothers Band "Jessica"

Admittedly, something of a cliched pick. Still, you can't help but roll down the windows and put the pedal to the floor.


3 - Rush "YYZ"

I'm not the biggest Rush fan in the world, but I totally dig this song. It's a great showcase for each of the band member's musical talent.


2 - Santana "Soul Sacrifice"

I could listen to this jam go on forever. Don't ever stop, Carlos.


1 - Led Zeppelin "Moby Dick"

The album version is a slice of heaven, and on the live versions, Bonzo just elevated beyond this mortal plane to a place occupied by gods.

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