The graduating Class of 2020 has been the subject of a lot of battles over the past few months. Classes were canceled, proms were postponed or canceled, and graduation ceremonies were canceled then brought back then canceled then brought back then postponed then brought back with's just been a big crazy mess.

We've also seen school staff reach out to their students, from Barnegat to Jackson to Shore Regional to Brick to Hooper Avenue Elementary to Brick Memorial. These issues have been hitting the teachers as well as the students, and everyone is just trying to do whatever they can to support eachother.

My coworker Justin Louis spotted what is essentially a gigantic yearbook along the streets that surround Toms River High School South. Class photos from the seniors in the Class of 2020 were attached to fences:

That's a fantastic gesture to the graduates of TR South! It's a great way to make 2020 memorable (for a positive reason, not just negative).

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