Tommy Devito, third-string backup quarterback now starting QB for the New York Giants has without a doubt become one of the most famous people in Jersey over the past few weeks.

The local boy came out of nowhere after Giants starting QB Daniel Jones suffered an ACL injury a few weeks ago, and then Giants back-up QB Tyrod Taylor suffered a rib injury a week later and was not able to play.

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Enter Tommy "Cutlets" Devito.

Devito has been the Giant's third-string QB but since being thrust into the starting position he's led the Giants to three straight victories bringing their record to 5 and 8 as of the time of this article.

Devito still lives at home in Cedar Grove with his parents and is an avid fan of chicken cutlets, thus the nickname "Tommy Cutlets".

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Despite the fact that Devito seems like the most famous person in Jersey at the moment, you know fame is never secured until you have a food named after you.

And in Jersey, having a pizza named after you means you really made it to the big leagues.

Local NJ Pizza Spot Renames Their Pizza After Tommy Devito

Brooklyn Square Pizza, regularly voted to be one of the best pizza joints around has renamed one of its pies after Tommy Devito

With roasted reds, fresh Mozz, a balsamic glaze, and of course chicken cutlets to top it off, it just makes sense that this is the Tommy Devito Pizza.

Just look at it!

The new pie has exploded online garnering almost 1000 likes on Facebook, hundreds of shares, and of course people saying Tommy Devito has to come and grab a slice!

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Some of them may even be on your fantasy football team.

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