At first I hated this entire thing, but I'm come full circle - I'm all aboard the Tebow train!

We've seen Tim Tebow bounce around the Mets' minor league system (including a stop against the BlueClaws), and the team just announced he would start the 2019 season as part of the AAA Syracuse.

Arizona Fall League
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Interestingly, the new General Manager of the Mets, Brodie Van Wagenen, was Tim Tebow's agent before he took the GM job. Just sayin'.

I'm interested in this for two reasons, really. (1) The bet between Free Beer & Joe, which I'm pretty sure states that if Tebow gets at least 20 at-bats in the majors, Joe owes FB $100. There may have been a double-down somewhere, but I honestly forget. (2) I'm not a Tebow fan per se, but I think it'd be an amazing story if this guy could go from a legendary college football player to a failed NFL-er to a moderately successful MLB-er.

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