I still get emotional when I watch this video of Mike Piazza hitting a monster home-run the first-day baseball returned to give the Mets a victory from the Atlanta Braves ten days after the attack of 9/11.

Trust me...I still think about all the people just going to work on a typical Tuesday and all the first responders who lost their lives from the terrorist attack at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. I certainly will never forget.

But this night at Shea Stadium was special. It was the first sporting event to return after the attacks on our country, and people were nervous.

People were unsure if things would be safe. Was another attack being planned? Were stadiums going to be targeted? Nobody knew. It was nothing we ever had experienced. It was a "new" world we were living in. Everything changed for good ten days earlier.

It was the eighth inning as The Mets were losing 2-1 against the Atlanta Braves when Mike Piazza stepped up to the plate with a runner on base

I remember the game so vividly, there wasn't that much excitement going on throughout the game. The Mets were trailing. There was no energy in Shea Stadium, but you can just tell that the fans at the stadium were just "chomping at the bit" to get excited. We needed something...Anything.

And then this happened

Shea Stadium went absolutely nuts! I was watching at my house and I remember jumping up and down, screaming with excitement.

For just a few moments, things felt "normal" again. It was that little escape that we all needed to forget the tragedy that occurred only ten days ago

Even after 19 long years since the attacks on our country, we can never EVER forget.

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Andy Chase
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