On May 6th, 1937, the Hindenburg exploded during an attempt to dock at what was then known as Naval Air Base Lakehurst.

The facebook group "Old Images of Philadelphia" shared this incredible photo.

If you read the comments, there is a bit of controversy as to whether or not that picture was actually taken the day of the disaster, because the official flight plan of the blimp didn't take it far enough south to be over Wildwood. Regardless, it's still a unique historical picture.

There are also some great comments from people sharing family memories, from those who lived around Lakehurst at the time, to people who were part of the First Aid Squad that responded to the crash.

One comment even came from a person who did the research and figured out exactly where that pic was taken, and provided a view of what it looks like today.

Do you have any old photos of the Hindenburg tucked away in an old album? We'd love to see them!

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