As the final phases of the Ocean Club construction on the Seaside Heights boardwalk continue, plans for an adjacent venue will be presented to the borough’s planning board next month.  The outdoor pool club, complete with beach cabanas is being built by Seaside Ocean Terrace, LLC.  The ownership will also take control of the connecting Dupont Ave pier, which is where the entertainment complex will reside.

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During a planning workshop with the borough's board last week, ownership was to present plans for discussion that included a 15,000 square foot concert venue.  But then at the last minute submitted a revision.  The attorney representing Seaside Ocean Terrace, LLC indicated that the reference to a “concert” venue was a misrepresentation in the documentation submitted and that his client was really intending to submit to the planning board the idea of a venue defined more like a “theater that serves food”.

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Without getting into the minutia of the process, the next workshop meeting with the borough board is scheduled for Tuesday, July 6, 2021.  At that time, a plan will be formally introduced for discussion and approval.  It is very likely a “venue” of sorts that will bring a new level of entertainment into the Seaside Heights waterfront.

The beach in Seaside Park (Jane Williams)

Can you imagine going to a concert, watching a Broadway show, or even your favorite comedian while overlooking the ocean in Seaside?  When will it open?  How much will a ticket cost?  Who will they book?

Now ask yourself, where will I park?

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