Ever since Governor Murphy confirmed that Halloween would go on as usual this year, I have been wondering about how people will do trick-or-treating. I half-joked that I would just draw a line on my driveway and make sure people stay behind it while I throw candy bars at them from six feet away.

Fox Floors in Ocean Township (the one in Monmouth County, not Ocean County) has a great solution - carpet tubes!

I gotta say, that's a pretty fantastic idea! I know it seems silly that we even have to worry about keeping distance during trick-or-treating, but really, it makes sense. I don't really want strangers coming up and knocking on my door or ringing my doorbell, and I don't really want my daughter walking up to a stranger's house. You don't know how fastidious people are being with their cleaning, you don't know what they touched before they touched the candy...you just don't know.

Using carpet tubes is a pretty great solution. I think it would be fun to decorate it in a Halloweeny fashion, whether you want to use black and orange stripes, or paint spiderwebs all over it, or even turn it into a Beetlejuice sandworm (paint it with black and white stripes and put a face on the dispensing end). Just make sure that you keep the loading end high enough for gravity to work, because if you start dropping mini-Milky Ways down there and they get stuck halfway, no one is going to be happy.

Just make sure you stay away from these houses, even if they have fun candy delivery tubes.

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