It's an unfortunate reality of our world, but there are some bad people around. The New Jersey Sex Offender Registry provides a listing of names and locations of sex offenders all across the state.

Search your address, see who's in your neighborhood, and keep your kids safe!

There are 6 registered offenders within one mile of our studio here in downtown Toms River, but just expanding the radius to 5 miles brings the total to a disgustingly high total of 75.

Last year was my first Halloween in Barnegat, and I had one offender within a mile of my house. This year, the number has jumped to three. Increasing the radius to five miles brings the total to 17.

Obviously this year trick-or-treating is going to be a bit different. The CDC is recommending people not go door-to-door, but I have not heard anything about Governor Murphy walking back his statement that Halloween could go on as scheduled. My daughter will be four later this year, and the baby will be just past five months by Halloween. Neither one is at an age where I would even dream of letting them go trick-or-treating without me, but having the Sex Offender Registry readily available is still nice. While it is disturbing to know just how many sick people live in our area, but it's also good to know where they are.

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