Why is everyone so angry about moving trick-or-treating to accommodate the weather? I know it sucked as a kid when it rained on Halloween, and we used to run around our neighborhood the next day, and no one ever complained.

Everything I see on Facebook is ranting about how kids are spoiled for wanting to trick-or-treat on a different day. They're freaking kids, man, let them have some fun before the weight of the world comes crashing down on their shoulders and they have to worry about jobs and bills and insurance. Does it really matter if a kid knocks on your door tonight or tomorrow night? I assume you already bought a 5lb bag of candy, so what are you going to do if no one comes to your house on the 31st? Just eat the entire thing yourself?

A handful of towns across the state have announced they will postpone Trick-Or-Treating to avoid the weather, including these two in Ocean County:

All of this may be for naught, because it looks like the storm isn't really going to hit until late night, so Trick-Or-Treating this afternoon/evening should be fine!

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