About a month ago, the news spread that the iconic Circus Drive-In in Wall was up for sale. A short-lived rumor swirled around PETA buying the property, but that was quickly dismissed as a publicity stunt. Despite a Facebook group dedicated to saving the Circus and an online petition with over 2,000 ssupporters, it has been announced that a potential buyer has plans to redevelop the property with the restaurant.

Gerard Norkus, of Harold Wien Real Estate LLC, is representing the owners. Norkus declined to disclose the buyer or the redevelopment plans, and said he didn't know when the deal would close. He did, however, say it became clear the property could generate more money with something other than a seasonal restaurant.

"The numbers don't work," Norkus said. "It just doesn't work. It's a seasonal place, and that's why it was being sold in the first place."

Circus Drive-In
The legendary Circus Drive-In in Wall. (Google Maps Street View)

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