Wall Township Police took to Facebook to ask for leads in finding the person who stole a sign from the old Circus Drive-In.

wall pd circus

I'm surprised that anything from the restaurant was even left, considering demolition started a month ago. Lots of people wanted to take home a piece of the iconic Route 35 restaurant, and many hoped the clown sign could end up in a Jersey museum...but someone decided they really wanted that Soft Shell Crabs sign.

I'm torn on this. I understand the sign was taken without permission, but I'm in the mindset of "screw the new owners, let someone with passion for the Circus have the sign"...but then again, what is some random dude gonna do with that sign? It doesn't even say "Circus Drive-In" on it. While I support the civil disobedience, I think this was kind of a pointless act of rebellion. Aim higher!

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