Even though people want to bash NJ because of our high taxes and huge attitudes, I think we live in the best state in the US! I’m a Jersey girl through and through…so maybe it’s not fair to say we’re the best state, but it’s all I know, and, by far, we are VERY lucky to live here!

We are sandwiched 50 miles from two major cities in our back yards, one people travel from all over the world to see and visit. New Jersey, Ocean County in particular has by far more to offer than many counties in the United States. We have culture, sports, some of the best schools (thank you high taxes), boardwalks, entertainment, fantastic restaurants, the OCEAN, and more importantly, wonderful people! I meet so many people while traveling they all say to me, wow, you’re so friendly, you’re from NJ? To myself, I’m like, yeah ok, when I’m in my element, I’m in rush…my going joke is, I’m in a rush to go to bed…let alone for the rest of the day!

Did you know, the Office of the Ocean County Engineer is responsible for 621 miles of County roads and 225 bridges and culverts spread throughout 33 municipalities? Ok, our roads aren’t GREAT, but SO MANY cars travel on them CONSTANTLY! So, thanks guys and gals from the Ocean County Road Department!

If you are lucky enough to own a motorcycle, driving some of our roads can be a life-altering experience. Having my license, I have experienced this first hand. Here is a list from northern OC to southern:

Bridge Ave to Burnt Tavern Road to Lanes Mills Road, to East to West to North County Line Road – Brick/Jackson

Route 70 Point Pleasant to Whiting

Warren Grove, Whiting Road, Roosevelt City Road (Route 539) Manchester, Barnegat, Little Egg Harbor

Wells Mills Road (Route 532) Chatsworth, Barnegat, Ocean Township

Route 72 LBI, Manahawkin, Woodland

So whether you’re on a bike or in a minivan, you can enjoy our state even in the STATE we’re in right now!

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