The apartment complex where my wife and I lived for about 6 years (and Baby Varacchi lived for her first 2ish) was the scene of a huge police investigation last night.

According to the Lakewood Scoop, police were called around 8:30pm after residents heard gunshots. One witness said they heard 8 shots.

Fun Fact: two of our friends still live in the complex, and you can see their cars in the video above.

Additional Fun Fact: the area I always parked in is featured in that video.

Lakewood Scoop also got shots of police removing bullet fragments from the building (which is next to the building I lived in):

And they got footage of a car that was struck being towed away:

My wife and I found Fairway Villas in Lakewood because her best friend lived there. It was a pretty nice, fairly quiet section of Lakewood, right next to the Woodlake Country Club. Eventually her friend moved out, but along the way we ended up bringing a half dozen of our friends to rent there; over the past few years, we've all moved out (except for that last couple (who are on their way out)).

It's really scary to see violence coming that close to a place where I once lived. I know it's easy to pile on Lakewood, but in all seriousness, crap like this was the main reason I wanted to get my family out of that town.

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