Last year, residents of Brick and the surrounding area were saddened by the death of Paul Hayes. He became a local legend thanks to the incredible holiday display at his home on Van Zile Road.

A lot of us weren't sure what would happen this year; we assumed the family would continue the tradition, but weren't certain it would be on such a grand scale.

I'm happy to report that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Brick, and the house looks as festive as ever! On Saturday night my wife and I brought Baby Varacchi for her first tour of the winter wonderland. She was a bit intimidated at first, and refused to leave my arms. Once we walked around a bit, she got more comfortable and started running all over, pointing out Big Bird and Mickey Mouse and Elsa and having a blast.

I'm glad the Hayes family is continuing their tradition, and hopefully it'll stay for years to come.

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