We have all become aggressive drivers lately. Why?

You just left church and you’re feeling blessed, feeling love and joy! Then “that guy” pulls out in front of you. So much for blessings, now you’re telling him that he is #1 if you know what I mean.

Even sweet innocent grandma can become Cinderella’s evil step-monster, when she gets behind the wheel. And it’s not just here at The Jersey Shore, it is happening all over the country.

I’m no different, even I will lose my cool at times. If it hasn’t happened to you, don’t worry because it will! It happens to us all!

Below is a short list of “pet peeves” that I notice while driving. The things that we all see and sometimes while driving.

  • The left lane is not your personal lane! Yield to the faster moving vehicles. Besides in New Jersey the law is keep right except to pass.


  • Tailgating, it only serves to aggravate you and the other guy


  • Cell phones, no explanation needed just put it down. If you must use it and you don’t have hands-free, pull over.


  • Don’t pull out in front of a car and drive slowly, look and see if there is anyone behind that car. Doesn’t it always seems like there is nobody behind you when this happens?


  • Blinkers, whether changing lanes or making a turn. Please use your signal and remember to look before you move into the next lane or turn.


I know there are many more “pet peeves” and stories out there, so please feel free to share your list or stories below.


Until next time.

Rock on party people!


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