We know that The Jersey Shore is one of the greatest places to live and work.  But (partly thanks to MTV) sometimes we get a bad reputation!

Urban Dictionary has some pretty colorful definitions for "The Jersey Shore."  Again, mostly thanks to the TV show on MTV...

"runs from ocean county, to long beach island, to cape may. AC, OC, WW, CM. it is a place that is very impossible to stay at because all of south jersey owns the shore houses. good place to find hot jersey girls during the summer. people also go there on memorial day weekend and then someone ends up getting jumped, drunk or dead from a gangfight." 

"Where people go to cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends etc. A place of no moral grounding. It's not called a beach cause trash gets washed ashore."

"The greatest place on earth; f**k the rest of the world who comes here in the summer, the jersey is the best place all f**kin year round"

"tan by day, party by night. the nights are spent drinking, playing beer pong, flip cup, keg stands, and smoking up. the morning are spent sobering up & laying on the beach waiting for the next day."

"The end of all civilization as we know it."

"This Show is going to be used as Evidence when MTV is put on trial for destroying American culture. "

Ouch.  So, the Jersey Shore is mostly defined by the TV show - which is unfortunate because the Jersey Shore is awesome!

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