One is hard-pressed not to find an Italian restaurant in Jersey that is so good that it becomes "their own."

Very often pasta is added to an entree, but sometimes pasta is just so good that it shines on its own. Case in point, one of the best pasta dishes in the U.S. is from the Garden State.

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Popular foodie website Eat This Not That went state-by-state and identified the establishments perfecting pasta.

They explained their methodology.

This is a list of the most popular pasta dishes in every state, according to Yelp. We first identified businesses in the restaurant and food categories with a large concentration of reviews with mentions of  "pasta." Once the restaurant with the highest number of ratings was selected, we determined the most popular pasta dish by the total volume of reviews and star ratings.

Before we get to New Jersey, let's take a look at our neighbors. Yelpers said that the best pasta dish in New York is from Forma Pasta Factory in Brooklyn.

Denise L. via Yelp
Denise L. via Yelp

This mouthwatering pasta dish is Pappardelle Bolognese. Ground pork, ground beef and pancetta come together with this hearty pasta for the ultimate carbo-load.

Oven in Pennsylvania, DaMó Pasta Lab in Philadelphia received an excellent reputation very quickly. According to Eat This Not That, the restaurant's Cacio e Pepe was named the best in Philly just one week after the restaurant opened.

Danilo D. via Yelp
Danilo D. via Yelp

This is a light pasta with a pecorino romano and black pepper sauce.

If you weren't hungry yet, this dish will put you over the top. It is considered the very best in New Jersey.

The tomato pies at Mercato's are tops, but they have put a really cool spin on their pasta which allows customers to get as creative as they want.

Mercato Tomato Pie in Newark puts you in pasta heaven by having you choose your pasta, sauce, and toppings.

Yelpers consistently rave about the creamy pesto sauce with grated cheese on top.

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