All week long we have been telling you to watch a video that I made that told a "story" about how you can win tickets to see Bruce in Philly for Friday night and go backstage and meet Little Steven.  All you had to do was watch the video, and count the Springsteen song titles that I mentioned. All the people that got it right become finalists and were put into our grand prize random drawing.

Well...I mentioned TWENTY Springsteen songs in the video. Congratulations to Lynn from Manchester. She got all twenty songs and she is our grand prize winner!!

Here is the transcript from the video:

Here at 105.7 The Hawk, we've had High Hopes that we would have Springsteen tickets to give away . And we do! We are going to send you and someone with a Hungry Heart to the Wells Fargo Center in Philly on Friday Feb 12th
Now...How do you win the tickets you ask? Well…It’s kind of is a Brilliant Disguise, because the answers are right here. Just pick out the Springsteen songs in this video. It’s as easy as Girls in their Summer Clothes alright.

No it’s Not Magic, you just have to count the songs in this video. So….If you were raised on a farm in Nebraska, or on the Streets of Philadelphia, Hey!!! ….It doesn’t even matter if you weren’t Born in the USA cause on Friday Feb 12th you just need to cross The River to see Springsteen.
Don’t think You Ain’t Good Enough to win because you are. The songs are not hidden in a secret garden, they are right here in this video. And…..You don’t even have to wait until Independence Day to see Springsteen…No!!!! It’s Friday Feb 12th in that Jungleland known as Philly.

So whether your name is Rosalita, or Johnny 99, Maybe you’re a Jersey Girl or a man on Fire, the tickets are For You…..You’re gonna be Dancing in the Dark in the Backstreets of Philly to see Springsteen. Good Luck as We take care of our own from 105.7 The Hawk

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