In addition to hitting the airwaves every Sunday night at 9 p.m. in his Underground Garage, Little Steven Van Zandt is a busy man.


His latest acting project, Lilyhammer, debuts this week on Netflix.

The character is not an unfamiliar one to Stevie, he's a wiseguy, only this time in the "program"--in Norway. The last time he was on the Bruce Brunch (April 2010), he'd just begun filming in Norway, so it was cool to be able to go full circle with him. We talked about the show, and naturally, all of the new, exciting things going on in the land of E Street. And since it was Super Sunday, it was great to hear him recount their experience in Tampa 3 years ago.

I solicited questions on my Facebook pages and was blown away by both the quality and quantity of the responses. The one that I ended up asking him yielded an amazing answer. It was Steven's 4th time on the show with me and I'm already looking forward to next time.

Hear the interview below:



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