Welp, looks like I'm never going swimming in Delran.


Ron Rossi was out fishing with his son, Frank, at Swedes Lake in Delran when he hooked something he had never seen before.

They initially thought the fish was a piranha, but after looking online, they realized it was another Amazonian fish called a Pacu. Rossi said the fish's teeth were the big giveaway to its identity. They weren't sharp and almost looked like they could come from a human.

Officials said the fish was likely originally bought for an aquarium and was later placed in the lake by their owner, according to the report.

It's not the first time a pacu has been found swimming in New Jersey waters. In 2013, a fisherman caught a 10-inch pacu in Passaic's Third Ward Veterans Memorial Park.

The same kind of fish was blamed for the death of two New Guina men in 2011 when they died from blood loss after the pacu bit their testicles.

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