If you bought peaches between June 1st and August 19th, you should probably throw them out.

The FDA has issued a recall for peaches that were sent to stores from Prima Wawona of Fresno, California. The stores include Aldi, Target, Walmart, and Wegmans locations. A salmonella outbreak, affecting sixty people across nine states, has been traced back to that peach supplier.

June 1st seems like forever ago, so odds are if you bought peaches back then, you either ate them or they just spoiled on the counter. I'm not really a fan of peaches, so I don't know exactly how long they last in the fridge, so maybe even if you bought them in July, you already passed through the salmonella window. August 19th, though, that date seems close enough that you may have tainted fruit in your house.

The recall actually goes beyond fruit, and includes baked goods from Wegmans that list peaches among the ingredients.

The FDA listed all the items that were affected by the recall, here's the list so can compare what you bought:

  • UPC: 3338332200, Wawona Sweet2Eat 2# Bagged Peaches, 2 LB, Lot codes that begin with letters W, X or G.
  • UPC: 7789049048, Wegmans Brand 2lb Bag Peaches, 2 LB, Lot codes that begin with letters W, X or G.
    • For the items above, bags that do not have a small, white, rectangular sticker are not affected by this recall.
  • Also recalled (purchased June 1 through Aug. 21):
  • UPC: 3314, 4400, 4401: Select White Peach By the lb., All Codes
  • UPC: 3117, 4037, 4038, 4043, 4044, 4402, 4403, 4405, Yellow Peach By the lb., All codes
  • UPC: 94037, 94038, 94044, 94402, Organic peaches by the lb., All codes
  • UPC: 7789050252, WB Org 2.5# Box Peaches 2.5 LB, all codes
  • Items made in Wegmans’ bakeries with peaches that are also recalled (items purchased Aug. 16-21):
  • UPC: 7789080600, Vanilla Trifle, 9 OZ
  • UPC: 7789038790, Mini Fruit Topped Shortcake, 5 OZ
  • UPC: 7789051145, Made with No Gluten Containing Ingredients Shortcake Slice, 6 OZ
  • UPC: 7789051239, 1 Layer Peach Shortcake, 26 OZ
  • UPC: 7789051240, Mini Peach Shortcake, 5 OZ
  • UPC: 7789051241, Peach Shortcake Slice, 7 OZ
  • UPC: 7789033104, Peach Melba Whipped Cream Cake 1 EA
  • UPC: 7789018953, Fruit Topped Cream Cheess Pie, 40 OZ
  • UPC: 7789015798, Mini Fruit Top Cream Cheese Pie. 9 OZ
  • UPC: 7789033395, 20 Cm Single Fruit Tart, 22 OZ
  • UPC: 7789046316, Rustic Peach Tart, 21 OZ
  • UPC: 7789043362, 8 cm Single Fruit Tart, 4 OZ
  • UPC: 7789046317, Rustic Peach Tart, 3 OZ
  • UPC: 20804600000, Dessert Cake/Slice, 1 EA
  • UPC: 7789050189, Made With No Gluten Containing Ingredients 1/8 Shortcake 30 OZ
  • UPC: 7789050190, Made With No Gluten Containing Ingredients 1/4 Shortcake

No one wants salmonella, so it's better to be safe and just throw out any peaches you bought last week.

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