Get ready to take Taco Tuesday to a whole new level!

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I was just talking to my co worker today about how excited I am for all of the things happening in New Jersey this fall.

Of course, I'll be sad to see summer come to a close, but when I see things like Founders day in Lavallette coming up, as well as Oktoberfest in Historic Smithville it makes the transition a little easier.

Get ready to mark your calendars for another can't miss New Jersey event in Sussex County.

Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash
Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash

I'm excited for this because it takes my wife and I's Taco Tuesday routine and takes it to a whole other level!

Get ready for the Seventh Annual New Jersey Taco Festival

September 10th at the Sussex County Fairgrounds you'll be able to find a huge lineup of live music, contests for the best beef, chicken, or seafood taco, and so much more!

There's even a talent show you can enter to show of your taco-tastic skills.

Of course, if you're spending the day enjoying tacos you have to be sure to wash them down with a margarita, and there will be plenty to enjoy.

In addition to live music from bands like Backyard Superheroes and ACfnDC, there'll be mariachi bands as well as a live Lucha Libre Shows.

You can check out the entire days schedule right here.

How Much Are Tickets To the New Jersey Taco Festival?

According to the events Facebook page, tickets will be sold in advanced for ten dollars, and day of for fifteen.

however, if you wait until day of the price goes up to fifteen dollars, and it's cash only according the website.

By the way, the Sussex County Fairgrounds are located at 37 Plains Road in Augusta New Jersey.

It's looking to be a busy fall in the Garden State, and I can't wait for all the cool events coming our way!

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