So the Super Bo…I mean “The Big Game” is this Sunday, February 4th and am I excited! This is the 52nd year of the Super Bo…”The Big Game” and the Philadelphia Eagles are taking on The New England Patriots.

The Eagles are the underdogs, but they are carrying the emotional tide of optimism on their side. It’s the classic David vs. Goliath story, led by the possible MVP winner Nick Foles who will be next year’s second string QB. The Eagles can go down in the history books as the team that stopped a dynasty. For the record though; I am not an Eagles fan, I am a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, however, I am a loather of the Patriots so that will make me an Eagles fan for this game.  As they say “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend “and so for one day I will be an Eagles fan.  

My plan is to sit on the couch with some chips and dip, maybe some wings and scream at the refs, at the announcers and of course at the Patriots, as they try to defeat the Eagles. I know deep down inside that all of my yelling will not influence the outcome of the game, but shouting at the T.V. makes me feel like I have some control. So anything short of an Eagles win is unacceptable, but the question on everyone’s mind is the officiating. Will the Eagles get hit with big the big penalties while The Patriots get to play “grab and go” defense during passing plays? Will Tom Brady be protected from a tap on his wrist while Nick Foles is slammed into the ground? Some might think this to be a legitimate possibility, and if the Eagles lose, I’m sure that’s going to be the topic of conversation on Monday! I hope that this won’t be the case as I would like to see the Eagles hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy high up in the air in celebration of a Super Bo…I mean “The Big Game” win.

Then in New England, will the sports talk shows be crying about the bad calls against the Patriots? It’s only human nature, let’s hope that this won’t be the case. I am looking forward to watching some great football and no matter who you are rooting for in this year’s game, I hope it is going to be one for the ages. It’s time for the Patriots to pass the mantle, it is Philadelphia’s turn to finally win. I can only hope that it will happen this year. Philadelphia has been waiting too long for this victory, it is now time for the Eagles to fly!

What is your prediction for Sunday?

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