If betting every week of the football season isn't enough, the Superbowl takes sports betting to an entirely bigger level.  Whether it be Sports betting in Vegas, through a bookie, or your neighborhood bar's football pool, this is the one event of the year that it seems everyone wants a little piece of the action whether they are fans or not.

Another part of the betting frenzy on Superbowl Sunday is what's called "prop" bets. Also known as side bets. There are over 500 "prop" bets that you could put money on, and a lot of them have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of the game. Here's a list of some of the craziest "prop" bets for this  Sunday's game.

How long will it take Kelly Clarkson to sing the National Anthem?  (the over/under is 1:34)

What will Madonna be using to start the Super Bowl halftime show? (headset or handheld microphone)

How many times will Peyton Manning be shown on TV during the game? (over/under is 3 and a half)

How many times will David Tyree’s 2008 Super Bowl catch be shown on TV during the game? (over/under  1)

If Tom Brady’s son is shown on TV during the game will he be wearing a Tom Brady Jersey?

What color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the head coach of the winning Super Bowl team? (yellow has 2:1 odds)

Here are some of the "prop" bets that is in-game related:

Which team will win the coin toss?

Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game?

Will the team to score first win  the game ?

Will there be a score in the first 7 min 30 seconds of the 1st quarter?

The first 1st down in the game will happen on a pass or run play?

What will be the first scoring play of the game? (run, pass, field goal, interception, etc)

Will the team that scores last win the game?

What will the New England Patriots/Giants do first - score or punt?

Which team to get the first penalty in the game?
Will you be wagering on any prop bets for the game? Leave your comment below

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