It's well beyond freezing and your more than likely not enjoying the temperatures and the threat of snow, but we're only in January so these conditions may pop up over the next couple months.

This is the reason SUEZ Officials in Toms River are once again urging you to make sure all the pipes, sinks, toilets, showers and more are all in tip-top shape.

"Because of this unusually cold weather pattern, our crews have been fighting freezing temperatures, responding to outages, emergencies and repairing multiple water leaks around the clock in our service territory," Jim Mastrokalos, Director of Operations for SUEZ in Toms River said. "It is critical that our residents know that these bitter cold temperatures can cause major plumbing ruptures, and customers must take immediate steps now in preventing possible fractures in their homes and businesses."

His crews are at the ready in the event of an emergency throughout their service area but says customers have to provide their own plumbing services.

SUEZ recommends that you try running a constant, thin stream of tap water from somewhere far from the water meter to safeguard lines.

Anyone who spots a water leak at home or outside of it, should call their customer service line at 1-877-565-1456 or reach out on Facebook.

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