After some intense debates, the Brick Township government voted last month to block the sale of marijuana in the town.

Now, as the state gets closer to legalizing it, a provision in the bill has been included that would allow the state to overturn the rulings of individual towns.

Senate Bill 2703 and Assembly Bill 4497 state:

... any ordinance enacted by a local governmental entity prior to the effective date of this section addressing the issue of prohibiting one or more types of cannabis-related activities within the jurisdiction of the local governmental entity is null and void.

More than 50 NJ towns have already said they would ban marijuana sales. If/when the state legalizes it, those towns would have 180 days to basically reboot their efforts to ban it. While things could end up with the same unanimous vote, that 6 month period would cost the town in terms of legal fees, public hearings, and continued debate.

I've spent a majority of my life in Brick, and it surprised me that a town with a porn store across the street from a preschool was so obsessed with "protecting the children" from the "scourge" of marijuana. I could also see the local politicians being stubborn enough to spend another 180 days fighting it, and ending up with the same ban regardless of what the state says.

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