Downtown Toms River really comes alive in the summer.

From movies in the park in Huddy Park to farmers' markets and first Fridays downtown, there's always something going on.

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What's really nice to see is that business in downtown Toms River is booming.

A while back we talked about the addition of Smokies Craft BBQ, which has plans to open on Main Street in Toms River.

More on Smokies right here. 

There's also a brand new ice cream shop that opened up a little while ago, Mueller's Ice Cream.

This is Mueller's first brick-and-mortar location, prior to this they had booths at downtown Toms River events throughout the year, so it's cool to see them doing well.

The other day I saw a sign in a window that got me excited; Downtown Toms River is getting a new coffee shop!

A New Coffee Shop Is Opening In Downtown Toms River

If you're looking for coffee in Toms River you used to have Bubby's Beanery, and Tommy's Cafe, and if you need something quick there's always 711.

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Sadly, Bubby's closed a few months ago, leaving a hole in the coffee community.

That's where Spire Coffeehouse is stepping up to the plate.

I saw this sign in the window of the Downtown Shops at 53 Main Street.

Spire Coffeehouse is coming soon to Toms River!

spire coffeehouse toms river nj, spire coffee house nj
Photo Credit: Buehler

Spire Coffeehouse is known for having live music, open mic nights, and for having a pretty solid cup of joe.

No word on an exact open date for Spire's location in Downtown Toms River, but while we wait you can still visit them at 1922 Hooper Avenue.

By the way, Toms River has a lot of talent, be sure to check out some of these amazing bar bands when you go out for a drink!

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