Are you ready for some family fun?  I know I am! After a year of being held up at home, my kids are ready for some adventure and I'm sure your family feels the same way. Sea Life Aquarium is coming to the American Dream mega-mall in the Meadowlands on May 4th!

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I've had a preview of what's to come with this particular Aquarium because when my family and I lived in Minneapolis, we went to the Sea Life at Mall of America all the time. Believe me, this will be a crown jewel for us New Jersey!  Of course they're gearing this aquarium's theme around us here in the tri-state.  We will go to the “City Under the Sea” and see a 13-foot tall replica of the Empire ‘Skate’ Building, the famous Manhattan hotel, the Whale-dorf Astoria, and more iconic buildings from New York and New Jersey!

We were supposed to have the opening last April, but due to the pandemic everything got put on hold. So far so good...right now there are currently 1,500 of the expected 3,000 sea creatures already there.  Just a side note, can you imagine being the one responsible for transporting these guys?

The most stunning part of this aquarium is the 25,000-square-foot tropical ocean tank with a walk-through underwater tunnel complete with feeding demonstrations!  I'm telling you, you are going to love every minute of this experience!  My family and I will see you there!
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