If you enjoy going to New York City, for either a day trip or a long weekend, the trip from Jersey to New York is about to get a lot easier for you!

One of the great things about living in Jersey is our proximity to other major cities like Philadelphia and of course New York City.

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However, if you've ever done a day trip to NYC from Ocean County, you know it can be an expensive trip.

You have the option to drive into the city but you'll have to pay for tolls, a bridge, and parking, and that all adds up quickly.

You could also take one of the buses that runs out of the Toms River Municipal Bus Terminal which will shuttle you up to New York and back for about fifty bucks a rider.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

That's usually the option my wife and I take when we want to visit the city for a day.

Soon, NJ Residents Will Have Another More Affordable Way To Get To NYC.

On Tuesday, South Amboy Mayor Fred Henry confirmed that the city will soon offer a ferry service.

The ferry will take passengers from the dock at 100 Radford Ferry Road into Midtown, and what's really nice is that the new Ferry service in South Amboy has a parking lot right near the docks, according to Patch.

How Much Will The New Ferry To NYC From South Amboy Cost?

Prices vary, but they're all pretty affordable according to Patch.

Photo by Maxwell Ridgeway on Unsplash
Photo by Maxwell Ridgeway on Unsplash

Firstly, the ferry is provided by NY Waterways, and a free shuttle will be provided to get riders from the South Amboy train station to the ferry dock itself, which is great.

In addition, it'll be  $18 per rider one way, $165 for a 10-trip pass, $600 for a 40-trip pass, and monthly passes are $588.

Compared to something like the Seastreak in the Atlantic Highlands which is $28 for a one-way ticket, or $720 for a 40-trip pass.

The price really does seem amazing!

When Will The South Amboy - NYC Ferry Be Operational?

Patch reports that the new Ferry from South Amboy to NYC will start its service later this month.

Photo by Kenan Süleymanoğlu on Unsplash
Photo by Kenan Süleymanoğlu on Unsplash

The expected start date is October 30th, which is perfect because headed to New York during the holiday season is the best time of year to visit in my opinion.

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