Shawn Michaels


It is the fastest growing town in Ocean County and it’s the 2nd fastest growing town in the state of New Jersey…Lakewood continues to grow and we are looking at what’s possibly next for this northern Ocean County town?

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Lakewood is 128 years old…founded on March 23, 1893. The township has the largest population in Ocean County, but is only 25 miles in area.

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Shawn Michaels


Lakewood continues to grow in population and housing has been a big boom for the Township, but what else does Lakewood need in your opinion? Lakewood kinda boils down to two areas…the Route Nine corridor and the Route 70 corridor. Route Nine hosts the Downtown section which runs through the midtown area between Toms River (to the south) and Howell Township (to the north). Route 70 has a lot of construction going on especially to the east heading towards Brick Township. Several housing projects are in the works along the Route 70 corridor. There is also several housing projects along Route Nine.

Route 88 is also a busy section for Lakewood Township, many auto dealers in this section. What other business could the Route 88 section need in Lakewood, or is this predominately a business corridor…and an “auto” business section to be more defined?

Lakewood has housing projects, but what other business or community needs do we need in Lakewood? We would love to hear your thoughts and share any ideas you have in our comments section below.


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