Football fans have a reputation for being a little too rowdy. I am one and I know it is partially true. We drink a bit too much before the game at time. There is an occasional fight in the stands as well. I do know one thing though. We have NOTHING on European soccer fans. Fans run on the field from time to time in football, but never has an American fan attack a player. A crazy fan attacked the goalie in a Dutch soccer game and now they may replay the game.

I know soccer isn't that exciting, but isn't attacking a goalie to try to stimulate the offense a bit extreme? He needed to see a goal so bad he tried to take out the goalie. The game is so boring that the fans have to act like hooligans just to try to liven it up a bit. Yes, soccer is VERY boring but those fans CHOSE to go the game. If they wanted to have excitement they would watch basketball. You go to soccer matches to watch men run around and not score while fake injuries. These fans just have to stop. I don't believe that these people would make that kind of scene at a more exciting sport. I know tons of American kids play soccer today, but do you notice that they all switch to other sports when they are adults. For every one kid that wants to be Landon Donovan, 1,000,000,000,000,000 want to be Aaron Rodgers.

I hope that they start to prosecute the fans more harshly or better yet let the players handle them. These guys can really kick and I know it would hurt pretty bad if the players kicked the hooligan. I also hope that European soccer makes moves to make the game a little bit more exciting so the fans don't have to amuse themselves. After all they are there to be entertained. Do you agree that soccer fans get so crazy because the game is so boring?

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