I only pay attention to soccer around World Cup time. I've tried to get into MLS, but it never grabs me, and honestly I'm content to only care about soccer every few years.

With that out of the way, check out this highlight reel of the US putting up THIRTEEN goals against Thailand:

The 13-0 final score is the most lopsided results in World Cup history, edging the previous record of 11-0 set by Germany against Argentina in 2007; 10 goals were scored in the second half, another World Cup record; Alex Morgan's five goals tied the World Cup record.

There are some whiny babies who think the US showed poor sportsmanship by continuing to score and celebrate after the game was well in hand. First of all, Goal Differential is an important tie-breaker in this tournament, so every goal you can score helps. Secondly, it's the WORLD CUP - these athletes have trained their entire lives to get here, so if they score a goal, let them enjoy it!

[via Deadspin]

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