Since Thanksgiving weekend kicks off the season of pulling out the Christmas decorations and finding out which bulbs are out on your light strings, I thought I'd give you an antidote to the frustration that can sometimes accompany putting up your displays.

Let me introduce you to Slayer Bob. Slayer Bob is the mastermind behind some sick Christmas displays that every heavy metal headbanger across the globe are trying to replicate. Slayer Bob has created Christmas displays to the soundtracks of Metallica, Pantera and of course, Slayer.

Slayer Bob rolled out his latest head banging displays this year with two new bands  and Bob did not disappoint. One display is set to Slipknot's "Psychosocial" and the other is set to Disturbed's hit "Stricken." Watch the Slipknot video above and you can view the Disturbed display in the video below.


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